Avid Media Composer | Rebuild Site Settings for MacOS

If Avid becomes unstable and has random behavior rebuild your site settings. These settings can become corrupt especially with improperly unmounted volume drives. i.e. System crashes, power failure, etc. and volumes are not un-mounted properly. To delete the Site... Read More

Setting up new projects in Avid

Know your delivery spec and set your projects and proxies accordingly. Make a backup plan. We monitor the shared storage for corruption and proactively repair physical problems with storage, so it’s a safe space for your proxies, Original Camera Masters (OCM),... Read More

Recover Bins Using the Unity Attic

Should you ever need to recover an older version of a bin from a shared project, the Unity Attic is the place to look. It works as a local Avid Attic does. To recover work from the attic follow these steps: Find the version of the bin you want to recover in the Unity... Read More

File Naming and Organization

Dates in Folder Names For universal consistency and easy sorting, we recommend using YYYYMMDD anytime you are dating folders or files or logging archival. In the case of archival, if you only have a rough estimate of the date, fill in what you know followed by zeros... Read More

Best Practices for Avid Metadata

Your team is likely to generate a lot of metadata throughout the course of your edit, so it’s important you understand how Avid resolves conflicts between cloned clips in shared projects. Make a plan to safeguard your metadata from irreversible changes later. An... Read More

Avid Project and Unity Attic Maintenance

Capsule Media / PODASS highly recommends regular maintenance of Avid projects, bins, and the Unity Attic to keep your team’s project data safe. Good maintenance practices help your team avoid worst case scenarios with project data. Anyone collaborating on shared... Read More